Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toys at Granny's

I did go to visit my Granny, she lives in Adelaide and you have to go on a plane to see her. I have so many toys at her house, my Mum and I do go and visit those op shops to get great toys. They are too big to take home to my house, so they live at Granny's.

We have been collecting castles and I did find that really huge one on my last time. They do open up and they have stairs and secret keys hiding in the towers, and the big one does have a barn at the back which I think is where a donkey lives.

We did also find where the batteries go, and when my Granny did put them in there were lights on in the towers, and then when you walk up the stairs it does make a ta-da trumpet noise. My Mum did tell me that the noise was annoying her.

I am so incited (that's how he says it! - Leo's Mum) that's because there are three sleeps till Santa comes, and when I have my last chocolate from that calendar it does mean that Santa is coming. I can hardly even wait! My cousins Ryan and Toby are here too, and we are shooting lots of robots and making the couch into a spaceship, it's so cool!

I did tell them that I have a website, but they don't. Alessandro at kinder did say he had a website too but I think he was tricking.

We did also watch that Shrek Christmas DVD and now my Mum and I are saying 'Smelly Christmas and a Grose night'! I think that's so funny, Smelly Christmas!