Thursday, February 25, 2010

Those vending machines

My Mum and me did make things for the vending machine project, and this is what I did.
There was that leather string Mum has, and I did thread those wooden beads and chopped up bits of straws to make these necklaces.

There are all those capsules for the vending machine, we did pick them up at that Gallery down the stairs (Craft Victoria).

My Mum did help me tie the knots in the leather string, and then we put them all in capsules, ready to hatch like a baby alligator in an egg.

I think I would like to buy a capsule from the vending machine, to see if I get a good treat inside. They cost $2, which I already have in my piggy bank.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stickers, pictures and trucks

I love that one the most, that's because it's a green robot sticker on a rubbish bin. We see these all over town when we are in the car, there is a pink robot sticker too but that one is for girls.

It's about pirates, I think it is an octopus pirate - imagine that! I can't believe that he has a treasure box and a hook, and even a pipe, that is a bit stinky.

There was a hole in the gorilla and you could see what was in it's tummy, and guess what - a person was stuck in the gorilla's tummy! (These images are all from Risographica at Lamington Drive - Leo's Mum)

Here's a fire truck, I really love the switches but my Mum really loves all those colours. I didn't even know that the fire men get to play with colourful stuff.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I made this awesome house when my Granny was here last week. Some of the bits are from when my Mum was playing with Lego when she did grow up at Granny's. Mum did say that a flat roof makes it hot, but they can just open the door.

There are some doors and lights, I put on that antennae for the TV and a chimney too. I did also put on a cappellor.

I really want to make that Howl's Moving Castle house out of Lego, that's why I put the cappellor on.