Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy busy

I have a new baby sister, Hazel, and so my Mum has been holding her and sometimes she can't help with my website. But here are some things that I have been making at home and at Kinder too.

This is a special Lego gun that can move, it has loads of joints and can make lots of different shapes.

I really love this one, it's a walking rubbish crusher, that has a hook for picking up junk, and a spinner for cutting big pieces. We have been watching Dirty Jobs and that man does work with loads of machines and rubbish collectors.

I made this guitar at Kinder with my friend Oscar, he made one too. It's very special and I didn't want my Mum to take a picture, but she said that it's a really good invention. My Dad plays the guitar, but this one is just for me.