Friday, July 23, 2010

Mold making

My Dad makes sculptures, and he is doing one of a boy, so he has been sculpting my hands. He calls it mold making, but it's not mouldy.
Here I am in his studio, with a box on my hand, to hold all the goo in.

Daddy is slopping all that goo in on my hand, it's a bit cold and it smells minty. (It's dental alginate - Leo's Mum)

When the goo dries it does change colour, and stops slopping everywhere.

Getting my hand out was tricky, there was some air in there and when we pulled it out it made a funny fart sound!

Then Daddy pours plaster into the mold and gets a sculpture. These are all the hands that Dad has made from my hands. When I was little he did my foot, and it's so tiny! We should do my sister's feet too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Lego

All my Lego is at Dad's studio now.
We did move it there because he has lots of space upstairs, and I can spread it all out on the floor. My Mum does not like to pick Lego up all day long, so now the lounge room has Hazel's toys and no Lego.

Mum did get me all these boxes for putting Lego in, but she is the only person who really likes to put the Lego away. I really like to spread it all out, and then I can see what bits I need.

Here are all the bits. I sit in the middle and just look around for what I need.

This was a crystal carrier which I did make last week. It's on wheels, and it does open up and inside there is a crystal.

I like going to my Dads' studio because it's not far away and I can ride my scooter there.