Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flying machine

Droid flying one. It has feet which you can move. And it has that rocket booster and a tail.

Walking machine

It works on the moon, it walks a bit like those Star Wars walkers in the snow. Actually my Dad helped me make this, I was watching kids TV and I stayed home from kinder because I have a cough.
I have lots of tissues, and Mum does give me that strawberry medicine which I like better than that cherry medicine. And she did let me have those brick lollies (butter menthol) and sometimes rubs that sniffy cream (vicks) on my body.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flying Robot #2

This just goes in outer space, and the peunders (guns) fly out and the wheels roll, and it can blast off and it can glow in the dark.
My Mum thinks it looks like a tightrope motorcycle trick, but they don't have peunders in the circus.
There was a man on the motorcycle but he came off and it turned into a robot.
You have to be careful because I nearly poked my Dad's eye with this robot, it's very long and can poke you.

My Wall E Lego robot

That's actually a rubbish collector robot called Wall E, he is in a movie that's my favourite.
My Dad tried to made one, and my Granny actually helped me to build this one, she did it on her self. I think she did a good job, and she even put that door what Wall E has to put the rubbish in.
We left those tracks at my Dad's studio, so this Wall E doesn't move yet.

Flying Robot

That's actually a flying robot. It flies like a helicopter and those legs can go straight or they can be bendy.

Walking Robot #2

So it can walk, and it can be a robot, and now you can hook things on top.
I like the legs, they are dangly and do you know that you can fold them up like this?
My Mum thinks that it looks like a skirt on legs but that's not right.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My Granny has come to visit, she comes on an aeroplane. She gave it (this catalogue) for me from Adelaide, from a toyshop.
She also gave me a digger that turns into a motorbike. I already made the digger yesterday, and today I pulled it apart and Granny helped me to make that motorbike. I like the motorbike best, but I like both of them.

I love catalogues, I have lots, they are kept in my purple folder.
But this catalogue is so good,because it's really cool, they have rockets in there.

My favourite is the SpongeBob Lego, I have never seen that before! I really love Sandy's rocketship, and SpongeBob's pineapple house.

Maybe I would like to spend my piggy bank on this Lego, but it's far far away.


It's a flying rocketship from outer space, aliens fly in it, a King Alien. He cages the owners from the boys, Jimmy's one is in the aliens with put green in those and there's a big giant bird too.

Now the owners are alive, now the kids steal the aliens' rocketships. All of them. Now they have guns on their rocketship, big guns.

The green bit on the back is the engine, it's very small, but it flies very far.
The white pointy bits are the guns.

Walking Robot

These feet go like this, they walk from side to side