Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Rocketship

This rocketship was from a Mars Mission set, but I changed the wings a little bit. They are shorter now and it goes much faster.


  1. excellent!!
    more please Leo!

  2. Wow Leo!! I think your rocketship is great! I think your blog is great too!!

  3. Leo you are very artistic and clever!
    Keep up the good work! X:-)

  4. how cute leo!!!

    My boy Zac would be very jealous of your super duper lego skills!!


  5. "hey mum, that's leo on the computer! why is leo on the computer?"

    charlie. 29 june 09

  6. hi leo,
    your blog is very cool ~ my 4.5 year old son and i are very interested in the stuff you are making. He just got the same star wars set but it's not open yet ~ and can't wait to make a rocket like yours. He's also hanging out for the toy sale at k-mart on thursday!!
    belinda + flinch