Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walking machine

It works on the moon, it walks a bit like those Star Wars walkers in the snow. Actually my Dad helped me make this, I was watching kids TV and I stayed home from kinder because I have a cough.
I have lots of tissues, and Mum does give me that strawberry medicine which I like better than that cherry medicine. And she did let me have those brick lollies (butter menthol) and sometimes rubs that sniffy cream (vicks) on my body.


  1. hello leo,
    nice team work with your dad, this walking machine looks great.
    hope you are feeling better. cherry medicine sure is yuk!! your mum sounds nice for taking good care of you.
    enjoy your day,

  2. Mmm. Yes. It's very good. Your dad is pretty good at Lego too, I see. I don't like medicine much. I do like the sniffy stuff and the brick lollies thought. I'm glad you are better now and it was nice to see you and your blue hat on Saturday. xx

  3. Leo,

    My name is Harry and I live in Philadelphia, USA. I am 6 years old. I found your lego website with my Dad when we were looking for Lego creations on the web. You walking guy is really cool. I like that is can move.