Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh my gosh!

I like this picture that's because my Mum is helping me open that skeleton pirate cave on Xmas morning. I can hardly even believe that I got so many great treats, it's so awesome!

I did get this cool worm farm from Aunty Jenny, and Dad did help me put stripes of sand, dirt and oats on the worms that we found in the garden. My Dad found the most enormous grub too , but we did put it back in the dirt. We are hiding them in the dark and sometimes we peek at them to see if they are messing up the stripes.

These are some of my things that I use for making things. Aunty Kate did get me so many of those sticks that you get in your icecream, but different shapes too. And I got some new paints and a glue pot, and loads of sticky tape, I think that sticky tape is the best but my Mum does like glue but hers is too stinky for kids.

My Granny and Dad did help me make lots of things on the back table, and we did make this that I hang on my door. It has glue but has sticky tape too, and stickers, and string, and I did write my name on it with red, that says Leo.

This is that awesome castle in a book from the op-shop for making things with recycle bits. My Granny is helping me to make the castle and we are using those toilet rolls and she is doing a great job. I can hardly wait for the drawbridge to work but we need more string for that.

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