Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stickers, pictures and trucks

I love that one the most, that's because it's a green robot sticker on a rubbish bin. We see these all over town when we are in the car, there is a pink robot sticker too but that one is for girls.

It's about pirates, I think it is an octopus pirate - imagine that! I can't believe that he has a treasure box and a hook, and even a pipe, that is a bit stinky.

There was a hole in the gorilla and you could see what was in it's tummy, and guess what - a person was stuck in the gorilla's tummy! (These images are all from Risographica at Lamington Drive - Leo's Mum)

Here's a fire truck, I really love the switches but my Mum really loves all those colours. I didn't even know that the fire men get to play with colourful stuff.

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